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NPD in Kids Nutrition – The impact of regulation and future product opportunities

NPD in Kids Nutrition: The impact of regulation and future product opportunities
 Almost every aspect of today’s child and tweenage sociodemographic is different from what has been seen in past generations. They are a group that have grown up faster and are increasingly connected, with more money, influence, attention and personal buying power than any generation before them. As a result of the these social changes and parental interest in the innate healthiness of foods, the industry has an exciting opportunity to reach out to a new generation with ethical, healthy and cost-effective products. ( )
 The focus of this report will be to explore through 6 specific chapters:
 • An analysis of key consumer demographics: Provides an overview of key demographics defining the kids’ market. These include age, population statistics, income and spending, as well as food consumption and lifestyle trends.
 • Regulatory and advertising: A detailed review of the past, present and future legislative issues impacting the marketing of kids’ foods and beverages, with a specific focus on the EU, UK and US, placed in the context of global regulatory evolution.
 • Consumer behaviour: The three key groups influencing the sale of goods in this category are the focus of a whole chapter. Kids, tweenagers and parents are analyzed in relation to the behavioural factors influencing purchasing decisions.
 • Market size and growth: This analysis will assess the growth rate as well as total category values. Trends in specific food and beverage categories will also be reviewed, with predictions of key growth areas.
 • Product trends and innovation: A review of the specific health and category trends within the kids‘ market. Included will be some of the most innovative companies in the category including new and exciting brand concepts.
 • Opportunities within the kids market: This chapter provides specific marketing and advertising strategies shown to be successful within the kids’ market. Consumer- and industry-specific insights will be discussed in detail.
 Key features of this report
 • Analysis of the current health, social, and demographic factors which are important in understanding and defining how to identify your potential consumer group.
 • In the midst of increasing regulatory control over the marketing of foods and beverages for children, this report looks in detail at how to navigate such restrictions in the US and EU. Additionally we provide specific product and company examples of regulatory and non-regulatory compliance.
 • A review and analysis of some of the most innovation foods and beverages targeted at children, with examples taken from the EU, US and Asia Pacific.
 • A behavioural review on children and their interaction with parents and new media are also covered highlighting the importance of new media and how such technology is impacting social and commercial dynamics.
 Scope of this report
 • A review of the current trends defining the marketing of healthy foods and beverages for children, and an overview of product examples successfully integrating these trends into their brand position and packaging.
 • This report provides an in depth review of the regulatory control of hard copy and TV based advertising of products for children, and the interrelationships between self-regulation, food law and the impact of non-compliance.
 • Provides facts and figures regarding the global market for kids foods and beverages as well as specific details on the current worth, growth and forecasts for the US, EU and Japan. Regional sales data for key countries in the EU are provided, as well as specific insight across 6 major food and beverage categories.
 • An in-depth review of the headlining foods and beverages for kids and why they have managed to make a success out of their product. This report also takes a look at the behavioural facts associated with consumerism and what key issues should be address when designing a healthy food or beverage for children.
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