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Question by guysmiley d: Ok I f I’m depressed and ALl the meds don’t work they say…”The meds are only secondary treatment?”
Then if I get a therapist and do everything he says and I’m still depressed..he’ll say you have to try harder. Then I will go to the gym and try to put on fake DBT smiles like a madman and i am still depressed…my docs will say “everyone gets aren’t so special or you are not supposed to be happy all the time lighten up” I feel like i’m running in circles trying to fix this problem. All I come across are repeated cliches and fuzzy statistics on depression care. I believe most people get out of depression when they are not depressed anymore…Always will and always have. I think I’m going to stop taking my meds because I really miss good beer.

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Answer by Matthew
This is what you need to do go out jogging, quit smoking,start lifting weights start eating healthy and stop taking them DAM PILLS!

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