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If you’re trying to overcome obesity, than keeping yourself motivated during the tough times can be difficult. Which is why, in this article, I’m going to show you how to keep yourself motivated. In particular, I’m going to explain why motivation is important, how to track your progress, and why you need to set small achievable goals. By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll know several ways to keep yourself motivated, and ultimately achieve the body you desire.

So let’s begin by talking about self discipline. Why is it so important? Why is it the key to being successful with your weight loss goal? (or any goal, in fact). The reason why is that anything worth doing usually comes with a price. It’s like you have to prove that you want something badly enough, by paying the price of self discipline to make yourself do what needs to be done even when you don’t feel like doing it.

Overcoming Obesity:

Overcoming Obesity:

You may not feel like exercising. You may not feel like eating healthier foods. You may not feel like you have the motivation to do what needs to be done. But you will do it anyway, regardless of how you’re feeling. And having that self discipline will mean you can stay on track with your weight loss goals, regardless of whether you’re feeling motivated at that particular time.

Tracking your progress is another important way to reward and motivate yourself for sticking with it. You may have heard this all before – but tracking your progress will make a huge difference in your ability to overcome obesity. Don’t judge your progress by the scales alone. Use a tape measure to track the size reduction of your arms, legs, waist, and any other areas. You may see results here before you see them anywhere else, and those early successes will mean a lot.

Finally, let’s talk about setting achievable goals. Setting smaller, gradual goals will give you plenty of reward and encouragement. Remember, you can’t lose 100 pounds overnight, or even in one month. If your only goal is the huge one at the end, it can feel depressing being so far away from it. You may feel it’s so far away, that you don’t even bother to move towards it. Small, achievable, gradual goals will give you a greater feeling of progress, and ultimately, more motivation to continue.


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