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by nocas

Philippines Girls – What Is Their Social And Family Values?

Philippines girls, also called Filipinas, are generally very well educated. To graduate from college is of great importance to them. From a very young age, they are encouraged to do well at school. Proof of this dedication to academic achievement is evident by the fact that there are more females enrolled at colleges than males.

The Philippines is the only nation in the Far East that adheres to Christianity, with 83 percent of the population being Roman Catholics. Children are brought up to be actively involved in their religion and are regularly taken to church. The majority of Filipinas will follow tradition and get married in a church. If they do not abide by this, parents may forbid their daughters from getting married.

Many people mistakenly think that Philippines girls are submissive. While this is not true, it may seem this way on the surface because most are non-confrontational, patient, and understanding. Girls are raised to be lady-like, refined and to always communicate with others politely in a gentle tone of voice.

Therefore, the notion that women are subservient to their husbands is a myth. As has already been pointed out, many have college or university degrees and work in high powered jobs. As such, they are hardly likely to make their husband’s wishes and needs their only priority. Having said this, Philippines girls make loving wives because they are loyal, warm, and faithful.

There are no divorce laws in the Philippines so the sanctity of marriage is held in high regard. With divorce being unacceptable, a wife will give top priority to the stability of her marriage and family. Women are quite willing to sacrifice their careers for this sake.

Because they are raised to be honest and faithful, Filipino wives stand by their husbands during the hardest of times. However, if a woman is living in an abusive marriage, she will certainly take the necessary steps to have the marriage annulled. But, this is definitely a last resort.

Philippines girls are excellent home-keepers and mothers. They are focused on raising their children as they, themselves, were raised. Their homes are clean and the atmosphere is warm and loving. Many Filipinas marry older men because they are more mature, financially stable and less likely to have affairs with other women. Statistics show that in most marriages, 80 percent of husbands are a year older than their wives, 40 percent are older than 10 years, and 15 percent are older than 20 years.

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