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Prozac Mug At Your Desk

What can you usually find on your desk at work or even your desk at home? Surely, what you would find would include papers and pens and pencils and staplers and files and other items that will constantly remind you of the work to be done and all the work that will keep piling up if stop attending to them. It could even have a computer or maybe that picture frame of your family or your friends. These will remind you of the happy days that you could have if you were not spending too much time on work.

Just what can you add to your desk to make it more lively and to give you that energy boost that you need to get all the work done fast and done well? Well, you can have your daily dose of Prozac – but not necessarily the medicine. This type of Prozac is the medicine that you need to make sure you continue to work and that you do not drown in the bottomless pit called work.

Get yourself a Prozac mug. This mug is not any of those ordinary desk accessories that you will find littering other people’s desks. This one is pretty special. It comes with the saying “A Prozac a day keeps the voices away.” So this means that you can just simply continue to work and imagine having a dose of Prozac each time you take a gulp from this mug.

But that is not all that will keep reminding you of the happy times you could get once you’re out of that desk. The Prozac mug also has got a really wonderful design which will make everything around and on that desk look really bleak in comparison. See, the Prozac mug has been designed to be totally colorful. It even has been decorated with lots and lots of colorful pills that will give total meaning to what the mug has been saying.

Well, in case you may not have the heart to have this mug right at your desk, you still can purchase one and give as a gift to a colleague or maybe a friend. They could add the mug to their rising tower of desk accessories. But this one’s going to be really different for it is going to make them smile each time they use or look at it. And it comes with its own colorful gift box so no need to wrap it up.

Paula James is a 25-year-old online marketing executive at Gadget Epoint. The love for gadgets runs through her veins having grown up with a father who is into gadgets himself.

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