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If you come from a regular or poor background, the switch to a wealthy lifestyle can be quite the culture shock. When your relationship gets serious with your new sugar daddy, you may end up in a very different place from what you are used to. Of course, you’ll be enjoying yourself greatly, but it’s a good idea to know what you are getting into when you start dating a man with money.

Going out to fancy restaurants and events like the ballet and opera will require more elegant clothing than you probably own. Jeans and a tank top won’t cut it when you are dining at a five star restaurant. Chances are, your sugar daddy will buy you the dresses necessary, but you will want to know what is the latest in high class fashion, so make sure you read up on it. A quick tip is to simply boost the quality of your wardrobe by switching to natural fiber clothing such as linen and silk and avoiding cheaper rayons and other synthetic fabrics that will brand you as a non-wealthy girl.

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Even staying in can be a very unique experience for a girl who isn’t used to the lifestyle of the rich. The majority of wealthy men don’t actually spend huge quantities of money . . . if they did that, they wouldn’t be rich, after all! They will invest in quality items, though, so you can expect a home full of the best of everything. This can be a welcome change from a shared apartment with a broken DVD.

Gifts with a wealthy sugar daddy will be quite different from the simple chocolates and cheap roses a girl is accustomed to. When there is more than enough money to go around, men enjoy spoiling their girls and are often willing to go to extra lengths to please them. Take Hugh Hefner for example, his girlfriends frequently receive extravagant gifts such as cars and jewelry, for him, it isn’t a big deal. The mindset of a wealthy man is quite different from that of the average working joe and that can take some time to get used to.

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While your rich sugar daddy might be willing to shower you with expensive goodies, chances are that he’s pretty good with money and you will find that he is very picky about the quality of the goods he buys. Most rich men are quite set in what they like and don’t like, even if you try to change their minds, especially sugar daddies, as they are often older and more set in their ways.

Having a rich sugar daddy can be a big advantage. You’ll have financial stability and be able to pursue your education or other dreams. However, it does require a change in your way of thinking and a completely different lifestyle.
Seen on Dr. Phil 3 times., dating for Successful Men & Stunning Women.

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