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Secrets of Fat-free Desserts (Secrets of Fat-free Cooking)

Over 120 low-fat and fat-free recipes including breads, cakes, pies and mousses. Also gives a summary of the benefits of low-fat diets.Having a sweet tooth is penalty enough in life. But that sweets are usually accompanied by enough fat grams to patch Hoover Dam makes dessert time hazardous to your health. Dietitian Sandra Woodruff ventures where few fat-free cooks have gone before by creating more than 150 fat-free and low-fat desserts that are tasty (we do not live by tofu alone) and easy to make. Granted, these recipes are not sugar free, but the calories listed on many of the goodies are less than 150, and on most, under 200 per serving. Full-color pictures accompany several of the more sophisticated presentations. Secrets of Fat-Free Desserts shows you how to have your cake, eat it, and enjoy it, too!

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