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From Tollie Schmidt Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site brings you the latest body-image news. Size on the runway is no new issue to the fashion world. Skinny has always been the latest trend. But let’s be realistic,  the average woman in America is a size 12. However according to the fashion runway,  you would never know that from the looks of the modern runway where models are bone thin and a size 0.

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Over the past few months, size has been under the microscope as a handful of designers have been banning models for being too thin and encouraging them to gain some weight. Not to mention the latest deaths from Anorexic supermodels we have reported here at Tollie Schmidt Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site. Could it be step in the right direction? Depends on who you ask. Some say yes, but there’s still quite a way to go before any real change is seen.

We here at Tollie’s Dream-Infused Lifestyle News, really commend George Namho from Marietta, Georgia for beginning this movement and campaign! It’s such a much needed positive message to all women out there. Love the skin you’re in ladies! Because you can truly be beautiful at any size. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

The first of its kind, is the supportive presence and vehicle whereby “Real” Women worldwide can champion the need for the fashion industry to project a more true-to-life and accurate representation of body images. “Accountability is a necessary component of business. Unfortunately, our society tends to value and devalue women based solely upon their dress size. Like it or not, the public is enamored with and heavily influenced by fashion media; it is the barometer for what is considered acceptable or not. A measure of accountability is inescapable.”

George Namho is fighting the skinny fashion industry one T-shirt at a time. Each one reads “Skinny Models Off The Runway Please!”
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