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Thinspo Real Girl Thinspiration Pro-Ana Pro-AnorexiaThe battle continues as each side presses their views and weighs in on the issue of banning Pro Ana a.k.a. “thinspo” or “thinspiration” sites. This video from the Netherlands shows another viewpoint for the call to arms in the case of banning pro ana thinspo thinspiration websites. Personally, banning Thinspiration sites won’t solve anything and will only cause more people to create these sites due to the blatant attempts to censor freedom of speech. Here at Tollie Schmidt Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site we show both sides, we have a lot of pro-ana content and even more treatments for anorexia. Showing the options, both sides of the story, explaining through common sense is the best route, ultimately the decision lies with you.

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Filmpje voor maatschappijleer. Gemaakt door: Jildau Bras Vera Schrijver Myriam de Graaf (Gymnasium Felisenum) English text:

1 in 300 people in the Netherlands has anorexia. Approximately 3/4 of anorexia patients are female and 1 in 10 anorexic patients die in the first year after they’ve been admitted to the eating disorders treatment hospital.

10 to 15% of the anorexia patients die as a result of their eating disorder so my video shows how ANOREXIA KILLS!

We can’t stop the eating disorder Anorexia. We can limit/diminish/decrease the amount of anorexia patients.

Pro ana sites encourage girls to follow crash-diets to become thin. Anorexia always starts with a crash-diet.

Banning pro ana thinspo, or thinspiration sites won’t stop the eating disorder Anorexia but you have to start somewhere Every bit helps Prevent anorexia Stop Pro Ana thinspo and thinspiration!

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