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Tollie Schmidt’s Official Online Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site we have a passion for fashion with a unique edge. TAG Heuer Luxury watches are a distinct timepiece with a craftsmanship of quality infused with timeless art. For more than a century, TAG Heuer watches have been revered as the quintessential embodiment of watch-making excellence, and time-keeping perfection. Tag Heuer has established a quality brand built around true watch making craftsmanship. TAG Heuer watches are more than just a luxury watch brand in the time piece industry.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera WatchTAG Heuer Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860 represents the ever-evolving art of progressive watch design, as well as the timeless virtue of class and distinction. The TAG Heuer watchmaking brand’s legacy distinguishes itself from any other watchmaker by constantly being at the forefront of fashion, and always incorporating the excellence of precision time-keeping, and encasing it in beauty.

TAG Heuer watches are so much more than a mere fashion icon, the TAG Heuer brand’s success is also attributed to the quality with which its wrist watches are constructed. In 1916 TAG Heuer Mikrograph and Microsplit Timepiece was accurate to 1/100th of a second. In 1916 TAG Heuer’s Timepiece Semikrograph and Semicrosplit was accurate to 1/50th of a second. Today, TAG Heuer wrist watches are accurate up to 1/1,000th of a second, and its time-keeping instruments are accurate up to 1/10,000th of a second. The various TAG Heuer watchmaking components which make TAG Heuer time piece movements so incredibly precise are the result of watch-making research that has been conducted by experts for more than a century. TAG Heuer Swiss Avant-Garde has been Pioneering time since 1860.

Besides TAG Heuer’s legendary accuracy and seductive artistic design and craftsmanship, Tag Heuer time pieces are popular due to the modernity they represent. TAG Heuer luxury designer time instruments break away from the replicated traditional wrist watch design, which represents the past. Tag Heuer watches are the time-keeping incarnation of all that is modern in the present, and expectant of the future.

The tempting allure of TAG Heuer wrist watches has seduced many of the greatest actors, and athletes of the 20th and 21st century. Such talent as Leonardo DeCaprio, Uma Thurman, Steve McQueen, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and Jeff Gordon, have been adamant representatives of the brand.

A passion born young. Still in his twenties founder Edouard Heuer decided keys were a windup and consigned them to history with his groundbreaking crown-operated winding system. Being in the forefront was the most stylish position, a position TAG Heuer assumed and has retained. Over three centuries at the cutting edge of timekeeping on land, sea and air.

TAG Heuer Tollie SchmidtTAG Heuer clocks winners on the waves, on the track, in lawn tennis and on Formula 1 circuits. And for more unusual exploits. A time on Trip device was aboard the Graf Zeppelin’s first transatlantic flight. The intrepid Hugo Eckner also installed it on his Zeppelin a round the whole world trip in 1929.

The gold standard of time, on occasion, literally. A gold TAG Heuer was presented to Prof Auguste Picard who headed sky high in a ballon to a record height of 15,781m. Aside from airships and ballons by the Thirties TAG Heuer timepieces had become key and trusted fixtures in cars and planes worldwide.

TAG Heuer’s brand’s passion for racing has been considered one of the greatest collaborations in sports endorsement and watch design. Tag Heuer has endorsed some of the greatest racers in history, in circuits such as the Le Mans, NASCAR, Formula 1, Indy, GP2 and WRC. Recently, Tag Heuer developed a jury of racing experts, and ex-racers as judging panel to declare the world’s best racing talent on a weekly basis.

Whether you are a fashion connoisseur, a racing enthusiast, or an admirer of perfection, you are a believer in living a dream-infused lifestyle and fashion. TAG Heuer watches are a piece of time-keeping legacy on your wrist.

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