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I have received a lot of feedback asking me to write more on actual steps to creating and achieving your dreams. So, I want to share just a couple steps which have created many of my dreams to be realized. Also, share a few of the exciting new projects and events Tollie International is launching. A simple note for teens struggling with: “depression”, “eating disorders”, and “body image”, know you can create massive change now!

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Taking your dreams from fairy tale to reality. Take action, plain and simple, most of the reasons I hear for not pursuing your dreams is due to excuses. Only you decide what you want and if you truly strive to achieve them. Many successful people really push the fact of outsourcing everything to free your time to do other activities and tasks. Many people then say they can not pursue their dreams because of a lack of money or knowledge. Today, with the Internet and wealth of resources you can teach yourself anything, and always learn and grow. No one can take away your right to education. I let the whole “lack of”, illusion stop me for a long time from pursuing my dreams. What I learned over the last couple of massive growth months is this. I can do anything I dare to dream, I can create anything, and continue to grow every day.

I always used people to build my websites, create logos, create photographic artwork, take pictures etc,… I always said these are things I just can’t do, I dream up the ideas and allow others to bring them into reality. Well, I couldn’t afford to pay for all this stuff anymore so I had two options, quit, find a comfortable job, a comfortable life and say to myself, “I’m happy”, or dream bigger. I chose to dream.

I wanted new concept art, so I started following tutorials online with photo-shop and creating simple photo’s. As I used the tutorials I learned how to use photo-shop. I also, learned how much I could do, I started seeing objects and photo’s in a new life. Because of this simple step of just taking action and creating I opened up even more dreams and further instilled my belief that “life is art”. I saw video’s and productions visualized in my head, I felt the emotions I could create for others.

I needed to create new websites, and portals to further enhance on-going support for those teens who need support and an outlet to showcase their art, passion, and share with others. I had no idea how to do this. What I knew is I could not accept a standard site like most people have created or a template. Because of the first step and creating art and visualizing the expressions I wanted to achieve I wanted to infuse “art” and production into a website. I wanted a visually stimulating and informative place for people to visit regularly for support, inspiration, and dreams. Many web designers are great at web function and style, however the “art” was not infused.

I found a template with the layout I liked and then modified the whole thing to create my vision and ideas. Yes, I made tons of mistakes, in fact I erased the whole site while out of the country after I switched over to the new platform. Now, it’s back up and still has a lot of work to be done, but it’s coming together and I have learned another skill which has made me dream even bigger.

So many times I hear from people that they feel at some point in their life they have to stop “dreaming” and face “reality”, and that is “your choice”. People will actually have the nerve to say to me “must be nice” or “not all of us are as lucky”. Well luck had nothing to do with it. I just believe my life is worth all my dreams, and I can not fall into the illusion of “comfort” and try and fool myself and say “I’m happy”. Sure, this is much easier, because those around you have taught you inadvertently what reality is. You can be comfortable and find a steady job, nice boyfriend or girlfriend who makes everyone around you happy and fits the mold you have always been told is your life. You can say your happy because you have decided to give up your “born right”, to dream and find adventure because it makes your immediate environment around you happy and comfortable so therefor makes you happy. Or you can wake up and those amazing dreams you had while asleep can become your reality.

[singlepic id=129 w=320 h=240 float=left]Remember this, I went from the “fat kid”, to weighing over 500 pounds. I have gone through, financial troubles, massive dept, repossessions, foreclosure, lawsuits, loss, and serious criticism. Guess what there are not enough bullets in the chamber to bring me down my friends because I made the decision to dream, and be great, and serve others. I made the decision to dream of my amazing life and create those dreams and infuse them into my life. So, now tell me whats impossible, because the truth is “YOU CAN DO IT”!

So because I decided to dream, and create change for others I wanted to share some of the new visions we are rolling out at Tollie International.

June, 5th 2009: “Tollie’s Online Nutrition and Fitness Superstore” Bringing the best brands and quality at the lowest prices. “Tollie’s Personal Website” Infusing a new artistic vision with complete comprehensive FREE support for “depression”, “eating disorders” and “Personal Empowerment”. “Tollie’s You-Tube Video Channel”. We are now a partner video channel with YouTube. Launching new support videos which are now being syndicated by YouTube worldwide to bring support for struggling teens.

June, 19th 2009 “Official Homepage of Tollie International” This is something you will want to see. A Jumping off point into dreams, art, music, and video infused into a corporate home site. “The Hub Of Dreamers” This will be a home for our contributing authors, artists, musicians, and video support. Their personal web pages, photos, videos, artwork, contact info.

Summer 2009:

Launching of “Journey of a Dreamer”

International release of “Unbreakable” My first book completely revised and re-written from it’s original rushed-released version.

European Tour: Events and promotions across Europe.

Launching of “Dream-Infused Productions” Two new shows in production along with a feature film production.

Launching of “Tollie’s Dream-Infused” Clothing line. Infusing original artwork I have designed into trademark “greatness” “tribal” designs.

This is just a small glimpse of what is heading your way. I have other appearances I have been asked to do, and when the dates are confirmed we will release those on Remember this, all of this is because of my passion to “Love” and “Serve” others while making the decision to be “Great” and create change. You can also, life will always have people trying to stop you and using words to discourage you. You decide the effect of these people, you decide if you are worth your amazing dreams. I was so proud of Miley last week when she addressed nasty comments about her body in a swimsuit. She didn’t lash out just to protect herself. She took a stand for all teenage girls by saying “stop”, so many girls struggle with body image and you “DO NOT” have the right to make them feel insecure. I sent a message to her simply saying, “Today, you decided to be great!”

So, for all you, today, why not decide to be great. Show love to others and you will receive all the love in the world. Dream and take action to create those dreams into your reality. Stop looking in the mirror and seeing a depressed illusion and see life as it truly is!