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The Best Diet Supplements

Obesity is a problem that plagues hundreds of thousands of Americans every year. Different companies try to entice us to with a wide variety of weight loss products promising massive weight loss in short periods of time. With all of these diet supplements vying for our attention one question still remains on the minds of most Americans. The question is can these diet supplements be trusted to do what they claim?

Most doctors will tell you that there is no magic potion or miracle cure when it comes to taking weight loss diet supplements. The safest way to lose weight is gradually. In fact it is safe to say that it’s best to lose ½ to 2 pounds per week even with the help of a dietary supplement. If you are wondering if diet supplements can be trusted the answer to your question is YES. Diet supplements can be trusted and are in fact safe to use. They can increase weight loss from between 8% to 10%. However, dietary supplements may not work for everyone.

There are so many diet supplements to choose from that making a decision can be difficult. The best way to make a decision is to become educated and find out all that you can before making a purchase. Before using diet supplements there are a few things you should know. By following the advice given below you and your doctor should be able to choose the best diet supplements for you.

* Diet supplements should not be confused with weight loss medication. Diet supplements are usually considered OTC (over-the-counter).
* Weight loss medications are prescription drugs and are approved by the FDA under more stringent regulations.
* When used properly diet supplements are a safe and very effective way to lose weight.
* You must keep in mind that supplements are only to be used only as a last resort
* Eating properly and committing to an exercise program should be the first step to healthy weight loss.
* They are to be used in addition to (not instead of) a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.
* Only after consulting with your doctor should you use these supplements.
* Read all of the ingredients carefully to see if they conflict with any of your current medication.
* Read the instructions and follow them carefully.
* Don’t take large doses of herbal diet supplements
* Only buy supplements whose plants and ingredients are listed on the package.

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