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The Best Supplements for Building Muscle


There are literally thousands of supplements out there, and it can get a little confusing when deciding what supplements to buy. Here, I will make a list of some of the best supplements for building muscle and that can help you put on size and mass that I’ve used over the years. Keep in mind, however, that supplements are still just supplements. They will never replace a good diet and nutrition program, and no amount of supplements in the world will help you build muscle if you do not have a good workout program.

Protein Powders – If I had to pick just one supplement, then protein powders would be my choice. When it comes to bodybuilding, protein is the building block of muscles, and powders (such as whey, casein, egg) are great ways to get supplemental protein in your diet. Different proteins have different absorption rates, and different uses.

My top three picks for whey protein supplements would be: 1) Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey, 2) Syntrax Nectar, and 3) AST VP2. My top three choices for protein blends are 1) BSN Syntha 6, 2) Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex, and 3) Met Rx Protein Plus. Of course, there are many other protein supplements that are excellent choices that should fit in this list. What I list here are what I find myself using the most.

Meal Replacements – meal replacements are similar to protein powders, except they also contain a host of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These are great for their convenience, but also cost more because of this. Some of the top MRPs that come to mind include Met-Rx, EAS Myoplex, and Isopure.

Creatine and NO2 supplements – Supplements such as BSN NO-Xplode, Universal Animal Pump, san V12 and Xyience NOX-CG3 are among the dozens of creatine supplements that contain a mixture of creatine and arginine alpha ketoglutarate as the base ingredients, and different products will contain a mixture of different ingredients.

Energy Supplements – There’s also an entire supplement industry based on energy drinks and energy supplements. Mass marketed energy drinks such as Red Bull really don’t do much as an energizer, especially for hardcore training. Energy supplements for building muscles that I’ve really liked include BSN Endorush and Ultimate Orange. These energy supplements will give you massive boost during your workout sessions, helping you build muscle and strength.

There’s a long list of bodybuilding supplements for building muscle, and the above listed are just a small list of them. To build muscle and achieve real gains, you cannot just rely on your supplements to do your work for you. You need to have a good nutrition program in place, and a good workout plan that will stimulate your muscles for growth and development.

Learn the secrets of bodybuilding, and discover how you can gain serious muscle and strength.

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