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Nutrition expert Tollie Schmidt growing up as the fat kid and once weighing over 500 pounds offers these facts about children’s nutrition. You can also check out his advice/suggestions regarding healthy kids’ snacks and exercise routines in the new Kids’ Corner section of the Diet Center Forum!

  1. On average, children ages 11-18 eat at fast food restaurants twice a week.
  2. When children and teens eat fast food, they consume more calories, fat, carbohydrates, added sugars and sugar-sweetened beverages. They also consume less fiber and milk, and fewer fruits and non-starchy vegetables.
  3. At least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity on most days of the week is the recommended minimum. However, only 23% of children and nearly 40% of adults get no free-time physical activity at all.
Youth Obesity Not Just An American Epidemic:

Youth Obesity Not Just An American Epidemic:

  1. A national study reports that only 8% of elementary schools, 6.4% of middle/junior high schools, and 5.8% of senior high schools provide daily physical education or its equivalent (150 minutes per week for elementary schools, 225 minutes per week for middle/junior and senior high schools is advised) for the entire school year for students in all grades in the school.
  2. Six out of 10 children ages 9-13 don’t participate in any kind of organized sports/physical activity program outside of school, and children whose parents have lower incomes and education levels are even less likely to participate. Nearly 23% don’t engage in any free-time physical activity.
  3. Among children and teens aged 6-19 in the US, 16% (over 9 million) are considered overweight.
  4. Among children ages 2-5, the prevalence of overweight has increased from 7% to more than 10% since 1994.
  5. The obesity epidemic threatens everyone, but not everyone is equally at risk. Among children and adolescents, obesity is more common among African Americans and Hispanics.
  6. Most overweight children have at least one major physiological risk factor (besides overweight) for cardiovascular disease, such as high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high insulin or high blood pressure.Childhood Obesity Books and Guides
  1. Overweight adolescents have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults. This increases to 80% if one or more parent is overweight or obese.
  2. Overweight children are more likely to have abnormally thick heart muscle ue when they become adults, which increases the risk of heart attack and heart failure.

Obesity Epidemic In America’s Youth Video


Meals On The Go:

What would I recommend? We live in a fast food on the go society today. Meals out of a sack are the norm, not the exception. So what are some ways to curb those habits which are healthy and nutritious. I am a very big proponent of Ready To Drink (RTD) High Protein Milk Based Shakes. The (RTD) High Protein shakes have come a long way in the last few years. They taste like real shakes and not chalk, they have multiple sources of protein fast absorbing and slow absorbing. They pack all your vitamin and minerals in one handy out of the fridge hunger satisfying quick meal. The fat and calories are from healthy saturated fat important for weight loss. Cost can be an issue, however I urge you to look at it the way I do. I believe eating 6 small meals a day is best. A shake is a meal, and as long as you purchase more than one, and find the best online values they are very affordable. Here are some great choices out of hundreds from and they offer the lowest prices.Discount (RTD) High Protein Shakes.

Teen Diet Pills:

I get asked a lot about diet pills safe for teens. Honestly, this is a tricky question. Because many of the products are rather safe as long as used as described. Problems as you hear all over the news is when teens take as many as they can and triple or quadruple the recommended amount. So, It’s hard to say. However, there is one product which works, and is actually 100% natural, and I mean truly natural. Read the ingredients, they’re natural. It’s from Garden of Life, which if you never heard of them are a very impressive company. If you want to read more about Garden of life here is a page I have about them. Also, talks all about Fucothin a honest 100% safe-Natural proven weight loss product. Learn More about “Garden of Life-Fucothin

FucoThin "The Real Weight Loss Success"

FucoThin "The Real Weight Loss Success"

Teen Weight Loss and Diet Programs:

There are two programs I believe in. Both of the author’s are highly qualified and are contributing authors here at So, we always have new videos, tips, and advice from these guys. Here are the links to there websites and you can take a look. Both are founded on solid nutrition and quick and easy workouts with tons of support. When I was a personal trainer in the gyms, this is what I taught. It’s not a gimmick or a trend. It’s facts and truth. It’s also not diets they are a new lifestyle to inspire greatness. By: Craig Ballantyne Read More about Craig Here By: Michael Geary. Read More about Michael Here


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