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The Law of Forgiveness: Tap in to the Positive Power of Forgiveness–and Attract Good Things to YourLife

A revolutionary way for readers to change their lives, their worlds, and make all their dreams come true-through the power of forgiveness.

Author of the life-changing book The Law of Attraction: Develop Irresistible Attraction, Connie Domino knows the secret to reaching goals, attracting what one really wants, and receiving myriad blessings: forgiveness. Forgiving others and oneself is key to greater health and prosperity.

A ground-breaking book, The Law of Forgiveness will demonstrate how to:
• Unleash the power of personal forgiveness-with simple steps
• Use it to make manifest goals and dreams
• Use the technique to positively affect a difficult relationship
• Understand the science behind the forgiveness technique
• Learn to forgive while working through the cycle of healing

Forgiveness just might be the most transformational strategy for personal and spiritual well-being. It’s the perfect guide for looking for a job or building a business, seeking a new relationship or improving a current one, or hoping to get healthy or stay healthy.

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