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The Low Down On Bodybuilding Supplements

Body building supplements can be defined as substances used by professional body builders and athletes to instigate muscle building process or for weight loss. Apart from the use for building the muscle mass of the body, these supplements can also be used to improve the performance of the person taking the supplements.

Body building supplements can be broadly classified as dietary and exercise supplements. The object of using dietary supplements such as protein, meal replacement and amino acids by a sport person are to improve the body building process by aiding the body with essential nutrients required for it. Exercise supplements are generally used by these persons to increase a particular nutrient level in the body with an object to experience a positive side effect that comes when it combines with the weight training of the process. Creatine, which is used by the sports persons to saturate their muscles, can be cited as an example for exercise body supplement that is commonly used by people involved in body building activities.

Proteins that contain high level of amino acids are the most commonly used dietary supplement by the body builders. Whey protein, soy protein, egg protein and casein protein are the different types of proteins that are regularly used by the body builders. Regular protein intake will increase the growth and the repair of the muscle tissue of the body. Protein supplement are normally taken by them in powdered form and is generally take soon after the exercise session is over.

Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid that found in human muscle may be depleted due to the rigorous anaerobic exercises by the body builders. In such cases glutamine should be replaced in the body by using dietary supplements to avoid problems like weakened immune system and wasting of muscle tissue.

Branched chain of amino acids, that act as the building blocks of protein are the other dietary supplements commonly used by the body builders.

Meal replacement dietary supplements (MRPs) are meant to replace whole meal that may lead to weight gain. They are available in both powdered and bar form. Generally these meal replacement dietary bodybuilding supplements will be rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and low in fat and carbohydrates. Apart from proteins vitamins and minerals they may also contain other ingredients such as creatine, monohydrate, glutamine etc to accelerate the process.

Prohormones. Creatine, thermogenic products and testosterone boosters are come under the list of bodybuilding supplements that are used widely by the body builders. Compared to dietary supplements these bodybuilding supplements are not safe if used frequently by a person to create greater muscle gaining effect.

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