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While most forms of massage are relaxing, an aromatherapy massage can take relaxation to another level. Aromatherapy essential oils are mixed into the standard massage lotions used during a session to provoke a specific response. The sense of smell is more powerful than many people realize. The scents of the oils travel into the limbic system in the brain and trigger certain emotional, hormonal and nervous system reactions. This can decrease stress, promote a feeling of elation, improve memory, aid digestion and reinforce the immune system.

The Power Of Love:

The effect the aromatherapy massage oil has on a person depends on what sort of scent is used. Eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils are good for those who have been suffering from a cold or flu, especially one that has symptoms of decongestion. For an energy boost, basil, lemon, rose and clary oil will improve mood and concentration. Lavender, chamomile and geranium are known for their relaxing properties. Those interested in participating in an erotic massage should invest in jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood oil as they are aphrodisiacs. Rose petals can also be incorporated into an erotic massage both for their scent and the stimulation their texture can provide.

Anyone considering aromatherapy massage should make certain that they are not allergic to any of the essential oils that may be used. A good way to test this is to put a small dot of the oil mixture on the inside of the wrist and let set for five minutes. Wipe off and check for a reaction. Those with fragrance allergies will obviously want to avoid this type of massage. The client should also let the massage therapist know if they have any abrasions or cuts that need to be avoided. This is good practice for any sort of massage but it will be regrettable and sore if some of that oil makes it into an open wound.


Most day spas offer aromatherapy massage but it may need to be requested when the appointment is booked. Higher end spas may prep their client for the experience by having them dress in a plush robe and sip on a glass of wine or champagne. The massage room will often be decorated with candles and filled with relaxing music. The scent of the oils will not be overpowering and needn’t be washed off before going back out in public. The strength of scent is similar to a mild fragrant body lotion. If more than one type of oil is used, the massage therapist will chose a combination whose scents work together, rather than against, each other. To further expand the aromatherapy experience, the client may be invited to sit in a steam room following the massage to release more of the scent into the air and soak the oil deeper into the skin.

If the client has any specific ailments they’d like treated with the aromatherapy massage, they should let their massage therapist know that before the session begins. While the oils are not a replacement for serious medical attention, they can have a tremendous effect on ridding headaches, improving moods and lifting the fog often caused by stressful living.

Massage is also a powerful relationship connection. It allows feelings, touch and where sometimes communication lacks, the power of emotions and feelings in massage are indescribable.

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