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The Victorian Offers An Effective Eating Disorder Treatment

The younger generation of today looks up to famous Hollywood stars or top models, when they see magazines or watch movies and television shows, these are the people they often see, Therefore, these famous people can serve as role models. However, Hollywood actors and actresses and people from the fashion industry are sometimes doing things that should not affect their fans. However, this cannot be avoided since they can be seen almost anywhere. The movie, television and fashion industries’ aim for a level of perfection and beauty that can never be achieved in real life; and even though that is the case, regular people, who admire them, still try to achieve the impossible.

One example is eating disorders. In order to lose weight, drastic measures are sometimes used, such as eating a very small amount of food or none at all (anorexia nervosa) and by eating food but then vomiting up the food to avoid any caloric intake (bulimia nervosa). Eating disorders are most evident in women.

The number of women with eating disorders has increased rapidly in recent years. Eating disorders are not to be ignored; these have to be treated immediately. An eating disorder treatment can prevent the worse case scenarios, which could include abnormal psychological behavior, organ failure (kidney problems, heart complications), and breaking down of muscle tissues, etc. All of these, when not treated, will ultimately cause death.

At the Victorian,, its staff provides eating disorder treatment for persons, especially women, diagnosed with such medical conditions. The Victorian is known as the best centre in California, specifically for bulimic treatment.

Bulimic treatment specialists and other eating disorder treatment professionals offer clinical analysis of the highest quality. The Victorian’s location makes it a perfect place for women who want to be cured of eating disorders. It is situated near Newport Beach, an ideal place for any health treatment.

The Victorian’s eating order treatment starts when a woman’s concerned relative or friend fills out a form called the Confidential Request for Assessment. The level of bulimic treatment, or of any other eating disorder treatment, will depend on the answers in the assessment form. Once the right treatment has been determined, a tour of the Victorian center and the initial processes for admission under the specific eating disorder treatment will be performed.

Bulimic treatment professionals, such as doctors and counselors, create an atmosphere of trust and build rapport with the client to produce an atmosphere of openness regarding her eating disorder. Medical examinations are conducted to assess the client’s overall health condition. Each client can undergo different programs for eating disorder treatment, which consist of workshops and group activities, like one-on-one and group therapies, education on nutrition, twelve-step support group, body image groups, extremely monitored and controlled living arrangements, food preparation, and consumption, and organized group trips to food establishments.

The Victorian believes that maintaining good physical condition and getting involved in outdoor activities contribute to renewing the clients’ mind and spirit. These treatments gradually improve their physical and psychological health. It reminds the clients that they can enjoy life, feel great and have a healthy diet.

Dr. Lelani Drophar holds a Ph.D. degree in psychology, specializing in eating disorder treatment, specifically bulimic treatment. She has been dealing with patients of the Victorian who are undergoing an eating disorder treatment.