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Thermogenic Fat Loss

Thermogenics are herbs or supplements used to aid in fat lose through raising the body’s core temperature and metabolic rate to above normal. Thermogenesis is the production of heat inside of living organisms. When this occurs the metabolism in the adipose tissue, more commonly referred to as “fat” increases, which results in a more efficient fat loss. With the aid of certain dietary supplements one can achieve a better amount of thermogenic process, helping to hold onto lean muscle while burning away the excess fatty tissue.

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore

One dietary supplement aimed towards thermogenic weight loss is Hydroxycut Hardcore. The producers of this weight loss product, MuscleTech, claim it to be the number 1 hardcore fat burner in America, having over 10 years of research and sporting rapid micro-dispersion technology to deliver its fat burning ingredients to the body quickly and effectively. The side effects associated with Hydroxycut Hardcore are pretty much the normal set one will find with any product containing a stimulant or stimulants. This include headaches, increased blood pressure, restlessness, stomach upset and shaking.

Nutrex Research Lipo-6X

Another thermogenic dietary supplement on the market today is Lipo 6x. This product also has a rapid release capsule that goes to work, like the Hydroxycut, almost immediately. Added to the immidiate effects, Lipo 6x includes some ingredients in pellet form that sit within the liguid gel capsule that are time released. Adding the time released ingredients helps to control absorption rates, helping the supplement to stay active in your system, providing around the clock weight loss. As with the Hydroxycut, the same side effects such as heart palpitations, headaches, etc. that are commonly experienced with stimulants can be experienced.

Muscle Asylum Project Arson

Muscle Asylum Project Arson is another popular weight loss supplement on the market today that claims to push thermogenics to the extreme level with it’s specially formulated fat burning compounds. As with the other mentioned supplements, this product touts the benefits of its own technology, in this case rapid wave pulse technology. This technology is said to use a precise portion of molecular compounds that are designed to diffuse to the cellular membranes in a specific rapid chemical order, that uses three stages of the thermogenic process. As with the aove mentioned products, this product does contain stimulants, so the possibility of side effects is present.

Greg Mate from Mr.Supplement is one of the largest online retailers of bodybuilding supplements in Australia.

In this episode I review the workout vitamin supplements I am taking. I review Muscletechs Nano Vapor and NitroTech protein powder Animal Pac,GNC glutamine and amino 1000 .Lastly I give a big thumbs up for VPX Red Line.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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