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I have been asked what exactly it is that I do? So, I wanted to share just a glimpse of this dreamers vision.

As you probably know from my past I grew up as the fat kid, my weight consumed my life reaching over 500 pounds. So, after all this I strive to help others overcome their weight issues. I was asked to speak and become a motivational speaker on youth obesity. I was being groomed to become an International speaker on obesity. However, these mentors were great speakers and great talent managers. The problem was they never were fat, they never dealt with body image issues, deep depression, constant verbal attacks, living their life in the dark. I could not go on a stage and speak and motivate teens for change and then just leave when I knew all I did was light a fire which would burn out. I knew the fire would burn out because I personally remember the environment and illusion they are living in.

I took everyone’s advice and wore the leash for a long time, just trying to “make it”, however, I knew I could do so much more, and felt my purpose was to create a global change. Our culture is saturated with false rules, and pre-conceived notions of what life “is”. How can you go and tell someone to love them-self when the don’t even know what true love is? How do you go and motivate someone to lose weight who has already tried every “fad diet” and has failed to do it again for they further instill the word “failure” into their life?

How do you go and tell someone to dream, and then their environment tells them to take the same path as them because in the “real world” this is how it works? I can do so much more, these issues have been coined “impossible”, well then crawl back in your comfort zone or box, because NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

My vision is a world where these issues become irrelevant, where they become non-existent. I see people living their life with passion creating their own true reality by infusing their dreams into the world creating a ripple effect. Allowing artists, musicians, actors, poets a outlet to unleash their amazing talent on the world. I see films created that show how life truly can be, while also showing how every person can create all the changes in their life when they decide they are worth only the best. I see shows showing a new side of the human spirit a true side of greatness, same as some of histories greatest visionaries.


I wish I could go into details with what we are creating and soon my dreams for everyone will be unfolding. I used to be the fat kid, however I killed the fat kid because I am something greater now. I am the guy who will accomplish my dreams and watch as walls fall. I am the guy who is taking a stand and will not falter in my vision. I live to serve and create lasting feelings to re-instill the greatest passion which, dreamers had in the past and must be reinstated as all people across this amazing global landscape move forward.

I’m an artist because life imitates art, I live with passion and anyone I am around I strive to create great feelings for them. I have created a life where I have more time to spend with loved ones, and when I have a family where I have all the time to spend and dream with them as we travel the world creating dreams for others. This was my dream, I wanted to create live events, where you felt every emotion and when you left all you felt was passion for life and saw dreams. My dream is when they left these live events we had outlets and systems set up for they could showcase and create a career for their passion which they now decided they are worth pursuing.

My dream is to create a new entertainment where you would leave inspired and filled with truth about your true character and abilities. Where you would leave and rather than go home and look in a mirror and see only flaws because you did not fit the image on screen you picked up a camera and saw life as art. Where you saw beauty in love, where you saw only possibilities and infinite creation.

My dream was through art, entertainment, programs, and books anyone struggling with weight could walk out with complete empowerment and a solid foundation and support system where they knew only success. My dream is they will look in the mirror and realize once their mind tells their body they are no longer fat they have the tools to physically transform their bodies into who they now are inside.

My dream is for people to see beauty for what it truly is. Not a physical characteristic because I have yet to meet the person who can look at a photo of Mother Teresa and say she was an ugly person. Because, when they look at her they see beauty and love and passion because she was unreasonable and made the decision that all people matter. Because of these unreasonable people a ripple effect started and love was felt.

Today these dreams are being held and carried forward. These dreams like a fire will never be snuffed out as long as a dreamer is out feeding the need. Today, we make a stand, I made the decision to be great, and only except excellence in myself. Am I unreasonable, am I outrageous at times, unpredictable, YES, and I will create passion and dreams for others because my love is carrying the truth that “All People Matter”!