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Turn To Healthy Recipes For A Fat Free Diet

It is alarming that North Americans consume an excess of 300% to 400% of the required daily fat intake. Therefore one in every four North Americans is considered to be clinically obese. Therefore there is a great need for healthy recipes. Healthy recipes are also highly needed for children and teenagers who are 20% or more than their ideal body weight.

How does one recognize healthy foods or healthy recipes? Firstly you must know how to ascertain the quantity of fat in the foods you buy. Foods from the meat market may not come with labels that tell you how much fat there is. Also, the labels of foods available at the supermarket may be very confusing to read.

One thing can help: calculate the percentage of fat in your food. According to FDA’s guidelines, you must read how many grams of fat there are in a product. Then multiply it by 9. Now divide the answer by the total number of calories mentioned in the label. Your answer may be a decimal number. This is the percentage of fat contained in that product.

The condiments, additives, sugar and salt content should be taken into account; but if you take care of the fat part, it will make a big difference. Avoid fast foods, as the spreads used are high in fats. If you get on the internet, you will find innumerable healthy recipes that can benefit you and your whole family. Healthy recipes limit the use of butter, coconut, salad oils, cream or cheese as all these foods have very high fat content that range from 90% to 100%.

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