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Unbreakable:  “The New Science of Personal Greatness”

Creating a Dream Infused Life by eliminating excuses, overcoming fear, creating passion and silencing the critics. (Paperback)

By: Tollie Schmidt Excuses are Tools of the Ignorant… I Will NOT Use Them! Tollie Schmidt, a leader in the science of personal greatness, shows you his most effective strategies and techniques for mastering your emotions, your body, your relationships, your dreams, and your life. The acknowledged expert in the psychology of change, Tollie Schmidt provides a step-by-step program teaching the proven techniques and lessons of personal greatness and individual understanding that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life starting today and harness the powers that shape your destiny. Tollie Schmidt is the founder of Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project a non-profit geared to empower teens struggling with body image issues. Tollie is also the CEO of Tollie International a dream-infused Entertainment and Production company. Tollie is a International Speaker, Author, Actor, Producer, and uses his talents and passion to live his dreams while creating opportunities for others to do the same. Tollie is known as a guy who does not believe in personal limits, his creative and artistic nature infused with his natural marketing ability charisma and charm has catapulted him into many new business opportunities. Today, Tollie calls Los Angeles, home as he takes the creative role in new entertainment development projects. His highly anticipated new book, “UNBREAKABLE”, is a testament to his unique and forward thinking philosophy on creating a body or endless possibilities.

Eliminating ExcusesTaking Full Responsibility and Daily ActionSilencing the CriticsYour RulesYour PassionYour DesiresCreating a Dream-Infused Life

UNBREAKABLE “The New Science of Personal Greatness”

Sold Out Tollie Schmidt Book Unbreakable

Tollie, who lived his life as “the fat kid” and dealt with his self-inflicted circumstances in a self-destructive way, ballooned to over 500 pounds by the age of 24. The pothole-ridden first few chapters of Tollie’s life are viewed by most people as nothing short of inspiring, as seen in various national publications. Tollie has taken all the experiences of his past and referenced them into empowering tools for his future. He has an absolute unshakable belief in himself and allows no limits in his life.

Tollie has taken his own personal style of leadership and creativity everywhere he goes. Always up for new and exciting challenges, he has shown skills in many different business functions starting as early as 16. While living in Moscow, Russia as a Student Ambassador, he split his time between studies and working for A.O. Victoria Ltd. whose business included imports and investments.

Tollie embraced this challenge everyday and was exposed to a variety of business and government leaders including a friendship with Vladimir N. Lysenko, the former Chairman of the Republic Party & President of the Institute of Modern Policy. Quickly gaining skills in International negotiating at a young age made Tollie set his sights for new challenges in the future. Tollie has formed strong relationships in Russia and everywhere he travels. His Partner Sergey Okutin, Deputy Minister of The Ministry of Taxation for Russia, is a strong voice for Tollie’s talents and abilities. From the University of Oklahoma, Lyceum 320-Moscow, Russia, Moscow State University-Center for International Studies and countless forums and seminars, Tollie believes education is vital in a changing global society and education evolves everyday. He strives to learn and debate new ideas day after day.

Tollie speaks truth. His words can strike lightning and his actions are his thunder. Why is there so much buzz around Tollie? Simply put, with Tollie you get 110% pure energy and focus, complete love empowered with laughter. And he’s only just begun! Tollie’s passion and gift with helping people has been admired and recognized by many leader’s and artists around the world. Through his natural comedic banter he can pierce through even the hardest heart in order to create a change. He believes life is about how much you can give to others, not about how much you can obtain for yourself. He has gone from the fat kid, to a bulimic personal trainer, to losing everything from, money, relationships, cars, homes and re-building his life to a higher standard.

Tollie is the one guy who will shock you with what he has gone through,then laugh and say, “Thank God! I was allowed to experience all I have”. Through losing so much, so quickly, he realized what truly matters in his life. Also, he proved once again to the world, as quickly as everything was lost, no-one could have imagined how quickly he could get it all back.

Tollie does not believe in excuses of any kind for his life. He allows only positive ideas, energy, and people to surround him. He projects only confidence, excellence, and passion through his daily actions. He has helped thousands of kids around the world overcome physical and mental challenges as they create a new life for themselves.