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Sometimes we lose touch with our innate greatness, our divinity. Someone looks at us disapprovingly or says something to diminish our self esteem… and quite often we need no-one other than that reflection in the mirror to talk ourselves out of being the best that we can possible be. We doubt, we retreat and then we put aside our deepest desires and dreams because we are afraid to fail.


What if we connected with the deepest part of our being, our inner God, our highest Self? What if we dared to dream, dared to do what our heart prompts us to do? Would we fall? Possibly. Would we succeed? Maybe. Would we increase our chances for success in the future? If we applied ourselves to learning from the choices that we have made -then yes we would. Would we be healthier and happier…? Most definitely.

How can we not feel better about ourselves when we are aligning ourselves with the promptings of our heart. Joy and abundance come when we connect with our God-ness. When we believe we are great, we act as if we are great. We do great things and we treat others accordingly.

So I say to each and every one of you- Find your Calling. Listen to the inner promptings of the Heart. Fulfill your highest potential. It is then that we create the space to attract ‘good fortune’ and ‘luck’ in our lives and positively affect the lives of all others around us.