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Ups And Downs Of Atkins Diet Bars

One of the controversies from decades is the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet was first released in the 1970’s that many people are not aware of this. I’m aware of this because my mother put me on the diet when I was a child. She always wanted me on a diet because my weight yo-yoed up and down throughout my influential years. I was exposed to many diets over a years and this is one of the reason why my weight would rise and fall.

My first diet was the Atkins Diet which was introduced to me when I was ten years old. Yet, this plan had been gone out on the market before I go at it. Protein and water from which eating plan revolves essentially. A lot of water in needed on this plan to any weight loss plan out there. On the Atkins Diet, water is vital because your body loses too much weight so easily that your kidneys have difficulty wash out everything on your system if you are dehydrated.

You can probably have run across the specified snack foods and specifically the Atkins bars if you are trying to stick to the Atkins Diet. These bars are of course low in carbohydrates and high in protein, exactly in line with what the Atkins diet calls for. This was the same to their energy predecessors such as Power Bars, and is very suitable for those who are trying to follow the diet plan while doing a busy routine in their life.

Atkins Advantage bars and Atkins Morning Start bars are two varieties of Atkins bars. Atkins Morning Start bars and Atkins advantage bars are great tasting ways to start your day and supplement the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health and nutrition. I don’t think if there is any distinction in the content and vitamins offered in them, but they offer the same flavors. Advantage Atkins bars come in flavors like peanut butter granola, chocolate mocha, caramel fudge brownie and coconut brownie. While the Morning Start Atkins bars come in more morning friendly flavors such as cranberry almond, mixed berry and oatmeal raisin. For me Advantage bars is suit for me any time of the day, but as what I have seen from the customers options the typical for them is the morning flavored item. It doesn’t really matter because they all end up tasting like a mixture of cardboard and Play-Doh, but at least they tried.

Be careful if you are using this as snacks as a substitute, because this bar are like any other high protein bar which are quiet high in calories and may do a harm to you if you are trying to cut back on calories as well as ramping up your protein intake. So if you are using Atkins bar as a replacement you should be in good-looking and in good shape.

You can find those Atkins bars at any larger grocery store, drug store, or health food store to try it out. If you want to try and choose which you like among them, you can find few stores online that offer Atkins bars at a discount if you order it in quantity. Generally, you can save only a few dollars if you purchase at least a dozen, and make it sure you like them before purchasing to save a few bucks. Remember, not all of these bars will taste like a chocolate bar, but they do serve for their purpose. Atkins bars can be an asset to your lifestyle if you are already set this on your Atkins plan.

Cris Jenson writes articles on health, diet and weight loss issues for several health websites.