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From Craig Ballantyne the creator of the #1 selling Turbulence Training System: The best ab exercises are not the classic crunch or sit-up. Ditch the crunch and sit-up, blast the fat with these fat burning ab exercises.

Through Fitness science we now know that a ab crunch is a waste of time. Traditional ab crunch is does not put enough stress on your ab muscles with a limited range of motion. Also, doing ab crunches can lead to serious back injuries.

So lets use a ab exercise which gets us the result were looking for. A sexy tight tummy, burn fat, get those six pack abs?

High intensity fat burning interval training will burn more fat than any ab exercise, lowering your body fat content and exposing more lean muscle around the abdomen.

My Turbulence Training video, you will see 3 of my favorite ab exercises. None of these fat burning exercises involve getting on the floor and performing the out of date “crunch” style of abdominal workout. Turbulence Training exercises can be done in a circuit for a high intensity fat burning abdominal workout while lowering any stress placed on the lower back.

The first turbulence training exercise is my ab wheel. Starting in an upright position contract your abs and then roll the wheel out and pause while controlling your breathing. Next return to the upright position. Doing 8 reps of this ab exercise is not that easy. Take it slow and on the way out. Get a good long stretch and contract your muscles hard exhale all the air in your lungs and stomach then return back to the starting position.

Using the Turbulence Training circuit you can immediately go to the stability ball jackknife. Start with your feet on the ball and elbows on the bench, at this point your body will be parallel to the ground. Contracting your abs tuck in and out, there are many unique variations to the stability ball jackknife ab exercise. The stability Ball Jackknife Abdominal Exercise can be performed with one leg or with a rotation by bringing your knees up to one side. The Jackknife ab exercise can be executed with your hands on the floor rather instead of the bench, increase the difficulty by adding in a push up to the move.

Our Last ab exercise is a mountain climber abdominal exercise and cross body rotation. Starting in the push-up position a traditional ab sculpting mountain climber movement we bring our knees straight up, however in the turbulence training variation you will bring your knees across your body all the way to your opposite arm to add some difficulty. The mountain climber ab exercise is a great circuit of fat blasting ab exercises to burn fat and get ripped abs.

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