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From Tollie Schmidt: Online Dream-Infused Lifestyle News Site Contributing author Craig Ballantyne is his fitness video demonstration on Bodyweight Push-up variations. Craig Ballantyne is a Strength & Conditioning coach who works extensively with athletes to make sure they are getting the proper training and nutrition for their specific sport. Craig’s push-up variations video comes directly from his #1 best selling Turbulence Training Program.

Have you been hitting the weights trying to sculpt the perfect arms? The kind of of arms you dream about while standing in front of the mirror at the gym? If your goal is sexy sports model cover arms and sculpted well defined triceps, you need to do Turbulence Training bodyweight push-ups, not triceps push-downs.

Push-ups will help you sculpt well defined arms, and avoid those embarrassing flapping in the wind bat-wings under your arm. You want arms that will get noticed then, master the bodyweight push-up. And if you want to pass your fitness recruitment test for the police academy or military, master the bodyweight push-up direct from the Turbulence Training Program.

Heck even if your just looking to overpower some elite athletes on the court with a little push and shove (within the rules, of course!), master the bodyweight push-up.

Stop thinking “Bulk” strive for mobile, athletic, lean, and sports model cover sexy. Sounds a heck of a lot more appealing right? It’s time to Master the advanced bodyweight Turbulence Training push-up variations.

Turbulence Training T-Push-up

Start in a regular push-up position, go down, come back up and rotate one hand towards the sky.

Turbulence Training Close grip Push-up

Place your hands about shoulder width apart. This works the triceps more. Push-up with one foot elevated this causes Harder work for your abdominals.

Turbulence Training Grasshopper Push-up

The grasshopper is a tricky move that will increase the amount of work done by your abs and overall core stability. It also involves some fancy footwork.

Turbulence Training Spiderman Push-up

Take it to the next level with one of the toughest bodyweight push-up variations I’ve ever done. You will work your entire core through stability create extra work on your abs and legs.

Push-up with feet on the ball A nice moderate bodyweight push-up challenge.

Push-up with hands on the ball A tough push-up for your chest and triceps.

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