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Ways to Break the Bingeing Cycle

Bingeing is certainly one of the biggest enemies of a healthy weight. Every once in a while some people will be unable to control themselves. They will eat and drink a lot. Then they will feel guilt and go to another extreme. The feelings shame will appear in the purging period. Then it will go back to the bingeing period. It is just an endless cycle and it is certainly bad for health.

So what does bingeing actually mean? In fact, it means that people eat and drink because they feel depressed. They will try to eat and drink a lot in order to make themselves feel more comfortable. They are not eating because they are hungry.

This is the problem. In most cases they will find that they will be even more unpleasant after they eat a lot. They just feel a bit more comfortable while they are eating and drinking. They will feel guilty with bingeing and try to punish themselves with purge. However, the punishment will just lead them to another cycle of bingeing!

In order to stop this cycle of bingeing and purging, you should try to understand what makes you binge. You need to find out the reason otherwise you will not be able to quit the cycle. You are not eating because you feel hungry will certainly means that they are other things that makes you do that.

For example, dissatisfaction with life will make you fall into this cycle of bingeing and purging. You may also fall into this trap if you are under great pressure. You should try to find ways to resolve the problem but not trying to eat a lot. Excessive eating and drinking cannot help you to resolve the problem. It will only lead to an unhealthy body and life. You have to be determined to break the cycle and try to ask yourself why you fell into the cycle.

In some cases you may even need to find some professional to help you. It is not something shameful when you try to resort to professional. Some people may think that this only shoes that they are weak but the truth is that it is not. You will need the help of the others if you find that you have been fallen into the cycle of bingeing and purging for a while. Even if you are not going to seek help from the professionals, you may still try to read some books on the subject. This will certainly help you to find a solution!

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