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Ways To Seduce Women – Exposing 3 Foolproof Ways To Seduce Women

There are many ways to seduce women but in order to achieve a respectable success rate; you can do no better than implementing the 3 foolproof methods described below.

I found the 3rd method to be highly effective and I believe that it may subject you to unnecessary stress as you’ll be getting a lot of attention from women once the effect kicks in!

Method – 1

Improve your physique. If you’ve never work out in your life, then I suggest you start right away. It’s never too late to start working out.

Listen, my looks are far from great. As far as looks are concerned, I’m just average alright?

I discovered that seducing women became so much easier once I improved my physique. It’s just so obvious – women are attracted to men who are willing to take care of themselves physically.

Method – 2

One of the best ways to seduce women is to reel them in with a good dose of humor. I personally know a couple of guys who are also very plain looking, but they can reel in gorgeous women every single night because they’ve mastered the art of being funny and witty with the ladies.

Method – 3
Okay this is the “highly effective” method I mentioned earlier. If you have a hard time seducing women, then you should consider using pheromones right away!

Frankly, I’m not really good in the seducing department but after using pheromones?

I almost always get reactions that range from subtle to obvious hits complete with flirtatious smiles and eye contacts.

Here’s what you need to do…

Make yourself look presentable first. Wear a nice outfit and get a nice haircut. And then, put on some pheromones perfume.

I use a brand called Alter Ego and it’s very powerful. What I do is apply a drop on my shirt, neck/around the throat and upper chest.

Finally approach a few women at clubs that you normally frequent. Believe me, once the pheromone effect kicks in, you’ll notice the difference as some women will be chattier with you and therefore, more open to being seduced!

So amongst the many various ways to seduce women, I find pheromones to be the one of the most effective and fastest way to get on top of the game.

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