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Garmin nüvi GPS Video Catalog Garmin nuvi 350 Garmin nuvi 660 Garmin nuvi 360 Garmin nuvi 200 Garmin nuvi 260 Garmin nuvi 760 Garmin nuvi 200w Garmin nuvi 250 Garmin nuvi 750 gps map Garmin is founded on the principles of innovation, convenience, performance, value, and service. On the Road: Hit the highways and never look back with our portable street navigators. There’s an easy-to-use navigator for any vehicle — and any budget. On the Go: Seamlessly integrate GPS with your mobile phone, laptop or PDA with our revolutionary GPS receivers and navigation software. Getting where you need to go has never been easier. Onto Fitness: Find sweet motivation to get in shape and even surpass your fitness goals. Our small, highly-accurate fitness products help you keep track of your time, distance and speed for whatever sport moves you. On the Trail: Hike, camp, hunt, explore and geocache with confidence. Our rugged, waterproof handhelds track exactly where you are and where you’re going — so you can focus on having fun. On the Water: Conquer the high seas or your local fishing spot with our marine line-up. From streamlined, highly-effective fishfinders to an entire plug-and-play marine network with sonar, radar and XM weather, we can outfit your rig. In the Air: Our industry-leading panel-mount and portable avionics are revolutionizing the world of flight. We offer pilots a wide range of VFR and IFR choices that add safety and convenience from takeoff to touchdown
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