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My friend Yuri Elkaim the author of Eating For Energy a great book and plan for weight loss and overall eating lifestyle for energy shared this article he wrote, because he care’s about you. Yuri cares about your health and your well-being. It’s for that reason he shares this article. “What Superman and This Famous Coach Have In Common and my video on How to Develop a Success Mindset…” Yuri. P.S. Once again, your comments are encouraged. The more the merrier, and the more everyone benefits. P.P.S. And, if you enjoy this post as much as I think you will, then do your friends a favor by sharing it with them on Facebook or Twitter.

By: Tollie Schmidt

Founder Tollie’s Out of the Darkness Project

CEO – Tollie International Inc. & International Speaker

“Empowering Greatness – Creating a Dream Infused Life”

I just got back in from a dog walk on a warm summer’s night. On my walk I was listening to an interview that Tony Robbins did with the late coach John Wooden. If you don’t know who Coach Wooden is – he’s basically the most successful basketball coach in NCAA history winning an incredible 10 NCAA championships in 12 years as the head coach of UCLA!

Talk about success!

So after listening to the interview, I thought it was time to put together this post and share yet another “success” video with you.

As you can tell, the theme this week has been on mindset, success, and achieving your goals.

The neat part about this stuff is that it doesn’t matter what your goals are – everyone can benefit from the “fundamentals”. And since I’m a big believer that what goes on “inside” eventually happens “outside”, it’s important to spend the time to develop who you are as a person.

The more you learn about yourself and develop yourself, the easier it will be to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

If you don’t believe me just have a look at the hundreds of comments on the previous blog posts this week where many of you have talked about lacking motivation, feeling frustrated, not having time, and many other challenges that have stood in your way of your success.

Now, I completely understand that life can get crazy, making it tough to follow through on what you start.

But I’m also here – as your coach – to tell you that that’s not good enough (at least in most cases)!

I believe that with proper planning, support, and the right tools you can accomplish anything – NO MATTER WHAT!

But you need to start by developing a success mindset. And, in today’s video I show you how to start doing just that.

I’ll also reveal many things that separate the most successful people in the world from everyone else.

I highly recommend you get out a note pad and a pen and take a few notes. I know you’ll be moved!


Ok, comment time…

What are some “success habits” that you’ve noticed in yourself and other successful people? What habits DO YOU need to develop to reach your goals?

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