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What’s The Best Protein Powder?

I have recently been getting a lot of emails from people asking what the best protein powder is. If you’re curious about what protein powder is the best choice to help you meet your fitness goals, hopefully this article helps.

Let’s take a look at the different types of protein powders. With so many different options out there it’s not hard to find yourself a little confused.

The most commonly found form of protein is whey protein. It’s extremely inexpensive – you can some incredible deals. It is derived from milk – when milk is being processed into cheese, whey protein is collected and separated.

You can find two main types of whey protein powders – whey protein concentrates (the most common and least expensive) and whey protein isolates. Concentrated powders are about 75% protein in weight.

The isolate variety of protein powders are almost always at least 90% pure protein. They also contain the lowest amount of fat and carbohydrates. These are of a higher quality and are better absorbed by your body. However, the pricetag is more expensive than concentrated protein powder.

Micellar casein protein is a slow absorbing protein. It has received a lot of positive press after studies have shown that it can help keep amino acid levels in the body elevated for up to 7 hours. This can help to prevent muscle breakdown and speed up recovery levels.

Finally, soy protein is intended for people that are lactose intolerant. It is derived from soya beans and therefore does not contain any milk products.

The question is – what’s the best protein supplement you can take? Whey protein concentrates are definitely the choice that gives you the most bang for your buck. Because there are so many supplement companies that make this type of powder, the prices have dropped dramatically in recent years. It’s a great way to provide your body with the muscle building protein it needs and won’t hurt your wallet.

Isolate whey protein is a better quality, but it’s typically at least twice as expensive. If you’re extremely serious about packing on the muscle and money isn’t an issue, go ahead and give it a shot.

Personally, I use both concentrate and isolate proteins. When I’m taking protein at night or in between workouts I use the concentrate. Right after my workout, I take the isolate. This reduces the amount of money I spend on my protein but ensures I get the highest quality protein right when my muscles need it the most.

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