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When Should You Take Prozac

Depression is a serious mental illness disease that can render you helpless. Many brilliant people, such as Abraham Lincoln and television news commentator, Mike Wallace, have suffered bouts of depression throughout their lives. About 10% of men and 5% of women suffer from depression. 

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be attributed to heredity, an event, personality, or the lack of a therapeutic intervention in excessive anxiety or an anxiety disorder.  In many instances, people suffering from the symptoms of depression and anxiety disorder are so sullen that they stay in bed for months at a time.  Fluoxetine, sold as Prozac in the United States, blocks the exit of serotonin from the brain, and this corrects the chemical imbalance that causes depression and anxiety disorder.

You should order Generic Prozac if you display any of these symptoms:

An overwhelming feeling of panic or excessive fear Obsessive thoughts Painful memories of an event Ongoing nightmares Palpitations Sleeping problems Muscle tension

The more serious cases of depression present with these symptoms:

Weight gain or loss of a substantial nature resulting from changes in your appetite Sleeping either too much or too little Feeling of worthlessness Overwhelming guilt Overwhelming feeling of helplessness Suicidal ideation

If you begin to display these symptoms and are unable to shake off the feeling of sadness and worthlessness, you can order Generic Prozac online now.  You can buy large quantities of Prozac at low prices. 

It is important to note that anxiety must be treated upon detection.  If not, anxiety will eventually develop into full-blown depression.  Intervention with an anti-depressant medication such as Prozac will relieve the symptoms caused by the depressed state, and elevate your mood.

You can buy Prozac safely and confidently as Generic Prozac, and your package will be sent to discreetly according to your directives.

Prozac has been a wonder drug for people for the last eighteen years. The benefits of taking Prozac far outweigh the effects of long-term bouts with depression and anxiety disorder.

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