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Why Philippines Girls Are Raised To Have Strong Moral Values?

The accepted term for Philippines girls is Filipinas. Females in this country have high moral and social values. Most are extremely well educated and obtaining a degree is something they strive for. They are encouraged, from a very young age, to perform well at school. It may surprise you to know that female enrollment at Philippine universities exceeds male enrollment.

This is the only Far East nation where Christianity is the mainstream religion. More than 80 percent of the people are Roman Catholic. Strong religious doctrines are taught to children and they are taken to church when they are very young. It is compulsory for Filipinas to be married in a Christian church.

Despite what many believe, Philippine women are not submissive. Perhaps the fact that they are polite and gently spoken makes people think otherwise. Most Filipinas are non-confrontational, understanding, and patient. They have been taught to behave in a lady-like fashion at all times.

Equally untrue is the myth that Philippines girls think they are inferior to men. As mentioned earlier, numerous women have graduated from university and have successful business careers. Furthermore, they do not feel bad if they earn a higher salary than a husband. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that a wife will put all her husband’s needs and wishes first. Nevertheless, they are loving, caring, faithful and loyal wives.

Divorce is essentially illegal in the Philippines because marriage is believed to be a sanctimonious institution. As such, wives will do everything in their power to maintain stable and loving marriages. They are even prepared to forfeit their careers if necessary.

Even in the toughest of times, a Philippine woman will stand by and support her husband. However, if he is violent or abusive to her, she will have no hesitation in filing for an annulment. In such cases, there is a Family Code which enables a woman to apply for her marriage to be annulled. This would only be a last resort.

Philippines girls grow up to be good home-keepers and wonderful mothers. They are dedicated to teaching their children the same core values that they learnt as youngsters. You will find a Filipina’s home tidy and clean with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many are attracted to older men when looking for a husband because they offer financial security, are more mature, and unlikely to have an affair. In 40 percent of marriages, husbands are 10 years older than their wives.

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