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YAYfood System – Meal Replacement Should Not Be Boring!

Dieting and losing weight can be boring. Sometimes, this is the reason why many give up dieting and just gorge into unhealthy foods which make them gain more weight than they have been originally losing. But, as they say, no man is an island and having someone who understands what you’re going through will help you get through it. This is the concept of YAYfood: to establish a community and make you a part of a fun club. Everyone in the community supports everyone in their quest of losing weight through meal replacement. There are contests to encourage everyone to lose weight, recipes for you to enjoy the low-fat meals as your meal replacement, and access to experts who can help you if you’re doing something wrong. All of these are available for the members of the YAYfood System community.

Rachel Rofe, creator of the YAYfood system, has once been featured in the Woman’s World magazine because of the YAYfood’s system success. Rachel had struggled until she lost 100 pounds; she knows how lonely and boring dieting feels. That’s why she created YAYfood system. She wants to help people who have weight problems lose the excess fat without being lonely. Thus, the YAYfood system is the only diet plan that uses calorie shifting and has a support system at the same time.

YAYfood incorporates the calorie shifting diet program wherein, for a specific number of days, you follow a strict food plan. Then you take a break from the dieting and eat whatever you like. Upon joining the community, you will learn how your body works and how it interacts with the food you eat. You will also be provided with many good, low-calorie recipes that will help you lose your weight. There is also a calorie calculator which you can use to determine what food you can eat that will not exceed your calorie limit. Most importantly, you will not feel alone in your quest for a healthier body. Seeing real results on real people you know will encourage you to follow the diet plan strictly. The YAYfood system is the best for weight loss through meal replacement and source of motivation.

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