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My friend Vince Delmonte the author of Nononsense Muscle Building a great book and plan for fast simple and safe muscle building shared this article he wrote, I wanted to speak to you if you’ve been training like a beast lately but the gains have stopped coming. Your Bodybuilding Problem: The Progressive Overload Dilemma.

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NOTE: As you read this, we’re on the tail end of our honeymoon, probably on our way to Rome where we fly home from.  Flav and I are looking forward to eating pasta, ice cream and pizza constantly.  Not to mention the language, the culture and beauty – we’re REALLY pumped to finish our dream honeymoon in the Eternal City.


I wanted to speak to you if you’ve been training like a beast lately but the gains have stopped coming.

I got some info and a solution if you just can’t seem to get your physique to the next level.

It’s perfect you want to shatter through your plateau and continue progressing.

On the next page I’m going to share a 4-step solution to exploiting the #1 fundamental principle used in bodybuilding to increase muscle mass. I’ll then share with you my latest collection of best exercises and techniques to revamp your gains to new levels.

It addresses a problem you probably don’t know you have… it’s called The Progressive Overload Dilemma.

And I’ve put together a 4-Step Solution:

Watch the short video and then read the solution and I’m sure my new program will be just what you need.

The Problem: The Progressive Overload Dilemma

I likely don′t need to tell you the most fundamental principle in bodybuilding: progressive overload simply known as progression. Here′s a quick summary of different intensity techniques to promote progression:

1. Progressively increasing the amount of weight you use.

2. Progressively decreasing the amount of time it takes to perform a certain amount of work.

3. Performing more reps and sets with the same weight.

Bottom line: if you want your muscles to grow stronger, then something about your workouts must progressively increase.

Enter The Progressive Overload Dilemma: This is where a lot of bodybuilders become confused; even top bodybuilders. The common mistaken notion is that progress is contingent based upon duration.

That is; as you grow and get stronger you will need to increase the amount of training. The obvious fallacy here is that once you have progressed towards the upper limits of size/strength potential, you could be training 5, 10 or 15 hours a day!

This would be impossible because the body only has a limited ability to compensate for the effects of training stress.

The 4-Step Solution

To Promising Progressive Progress:

1. Examine: Most people mimic what they see at the gym without comprehending why they′re doing it or what benefit – if any – they′re getting. This is an easily avoidable training mistake.

Progressive progress requires trial and error. You do X amount of things for X amount of time and reassess – then you take that data and reassess from there.

The Best Of Series provides a collection of new, rut-busting exercises and techniques for each body part that you have not had the opportunity to try in No Nonsense Muscle Building, Your Six Pack Quest or any Phase from Maximize Your Muscle.

2. Explore: People told me I was too skinny, too tall and my limbs were too long. I bet you′ve heard similar? To combat these ‘would-be’ setbacks and get results – and the look – you need to incorporate techniques beyond super sets, drop sets and giant sets.

Progressive progress requires constant variety – but variety for the sake of variety will backfire on you. The secret is to always switch to a new exercise when your performance is the same three workouts in a roll – I call this the “3 Strike Rule.”

The Best Of Series allows you to discover new exercises and techniques to incorporate into your current training program. This means you make every workout and every exercise all about YOU.

3. Exhaust: My advice if you′ve hit a plateau: stop counting reps and sets for 28-days. Counting reps creates distraction that can disrupt the mind-muscle connection and inhibit you from achieving the maximal results from a workout.

Progressive progress requires constant adaptation which sometimes means putting out all your efforts until exhaustion – forget counting reps and sets and put all your focus into intensity.

The Best Of Series reveals techniques and moves that force you to go-till-you-blow.   Set and rep recommendations are purposely excluded to prevent you from training like a robot.

4. Experiment: Don′t ever do the same exercise more than 3-workouts in a row if you have reached a plateau. This is a waste of time. Three workouts without an increase in sets, reps or size, means your body is done adapting to this exercise – for now. We′ll return to that old exercise in the future.

I hate to say the common cliché but it′s true: “You gotta keep your muscles guessing.” This prevents your body from getting comfortable. Using this approch will help you to continue making gains at any age.

The Best Of Series includes 5-10 brand new exercises and intensity techniques for each body part,  allowing you to keep changing it up and will  keep you making big breakthroughs in your physique.

Watch the short video and then read the solution and I’m sure my new program will be just what you need.

I look forward to sending you a new article, in real time, next week when we get back and posting a blog update of our entire trip… I’ve got to pass that by Flavia first but I’m sure she’ll be cool with that too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed staying in touch and having a great summer.

Talk soon

Vince Del Monte

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