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Zicam – Flavored and Fast Acting cold remedies

Zicam is zinc based branded series of cold and allergy remedies. Marketed and sold by Zicam, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Matrixx Initiatives, Inc., an OTC drug company in the US. The active ingredient in Zicam Cold Remedy is zinc gluconate, which is though to clock the binding of rhinovirus to its cellular receptor, ICAM-1. It is dispensed as a homeopathic medicine for sore throat and common cold.

Seasonal changes might set off many ailments like common cold and to stay healthy, it is important to take some proactive tips to keep your body healthy. Immunity is directly linked to a good night’s sleep and a well balanced diet . Inadequate sleep might also lead to obesity due to hormonal imbalance and metabolic problems. So make sure that you eat a well balanced diet and get adequate sleep to stay away from cold and fever.  Ironically both these are overlooked in the busy life styles of the contemporary world.

Zicam is available in different forms like nasal gels and chewable capsules. The gels are fast to act and give relief three times faster than any similar product. Easy to use, this gel is free from any unpleasant smell or taste and is ideal for kids as well. Being a homeopathic formulation, it is free from side effects as well. For the best results it should be used immediately after the initial symptoms of cold sets in.

It acts directly at the source at nose, ensuring faster relief. It is easy to apply and is not habit forming even after prolonged use

Zicam Cold Remedy Rapid Melts, which is taken internally, gives instant relief. It can also be taken along with Vitamin C to ensure faster relief. Free from side effects, the medicine is considered safe even for children. Zicam Cold Remedy chewable and chew caps are the other variants of cold remedy medicines. Offered in delectable flavors like strawberry or Cinnamon, these are free from any adverse effects and are non drowsy as well, which makes it popular among all.

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